The Man Shake Variety Packet Sachet 14pk

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Find your favourite flavour of The Man Shake meal replacement shake. The Man Shake 14 Pack Variety Box lets you enjoy a healthy meal on the go! Contains 14 x 56g sachets in 7 delicious flavours. Each flavour is high in protein, low in sugar and packed full of vitamins and nutrients to keep you full and feel great - plus a natural fat burning formula to assist with your weight loss. Simply replace 1 or 2 meals a day with a Man Shake, and enjoy a healthy dinner and snacks. Each pack contains 14 serves or a 7 day supply when replacing 2 meals a day. The Man Shake is gluten free & has a 5 star health rating What the assorted packet includes is 2 x Chocolate sachets 2 x Vanilla sachets 2 x Coffee sachets 2 x Strawberry sachets 2 x Banana sachets 2 x Caramel sachets 2 x Choc Mint sachets