PHILIPS Dream Wear Gel Pillows Nasal Mask Fitpack

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The DreamWear Nasal Mask is a nasal mask that leaves line of sight open by having a frame structure that rests a cushion below the nostrils instead of covering the entire nose. This is a nasal mask that provides airflow by covering both nostrils. It is a hybrid mask that has features of traditional nasal and nasal pillows CPAP masks. The cushion does not cover the nose, helping alleviate sores and irritation on the bridge of the nose. Acheive the sleep you deserve in the sleeping position where you find the most comfort. The short tube allows you to move freely throughout the night! Quickly disconnect the entire tube from the Wisp CPAP-BiPAP mask if you need to get up in the middle of the night without removing your entire mask. Less time spent fixing your mask means achieving quality sleep faster.