Nutra Life BalanceME Magnesium Program

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A balanced life starts with a good night's sleep. The box contains Nutra-Life Magnesium Sleep+ 60s, an eye mask and access to an exclusive BalanceME Programme

 Nutra-Life Magnesium Sleep + is a sleep formula with a unique blend of Magnesium plus effective sleep supporting herbs to help with relaxation and healthy sleep patterns for a restful night’s sleep. It contains Magnesium chelate, an organic form of Magnesium which is well absorbed in the body. 

Beneficial for:
  • Supporting you to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Relaxing and easing muscle tension for a more restful night sleep
  • Support during stress to calm and relax the body
Magnesium is an essential component in over 300 enzyme reactions and an important part of most biological processes. It supports the nervous system and muscle relaxation and helps the body to wind down and relax more effectively. The body requires more Magnesium when people are under stress. Additionally, people who consume high levels of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and soft drinks may need extra magnesium.
  • Passion flower – is one of the most popular and effective herbs traditionally used for supporting sleep.
  • Hops –support during times of tension and support relaxation and sleep
  • Schisandra – to support the body during stressful times and sleepless nights.
  • Lemon balm – Traditionally used to calm and relax the nervous system