Get up to three month's Subsidised Nicotine Replacement Treatment

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You may be eligible for a subsidised course of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).        Add to Cart Now.  Patches may be unsuitable if you are allergic to nicotine (rare) or adhesive tape.

Your treatment  course will be personalised to you depending on your smoking history by our pharmacists who are qualified to prescribe your treatment plan to cover 3 months treatment.

By adding this product to your cart you are paying the prescription $5 fees per item ($15 for three required options), a consultation fee and all delivery fees including any repeats. You also agree to return a quick questionnaire to us by email, so we can personalise your course. You will receive a contact email for any advice from our team that you can use during your treatment.

A personalised course of NRT will then be sent to you by courier. All fees associated with this plan are included in the one-off fee. An automatic txt-to-remind service will prompt you to access your repeats. (Please note we need to have your mobile number to enable this.)