Eve Test Complete

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Don't forget these...

Does any of the below sound familiar? If so, you should think about getting your hormones tested.

  • You notice signs of higher oestrogen like weight gain, mood swings, trouble sleeping, depression or anxiety symptoms, hair loss, breast tenderness and increased PMS.
  • You’re experiencing issues with your menstrual cycle - perhaps you're not getting your period, or you have painful or heavy periods, PMS symptoms, or maybe you’re suffering from menstrual migraines.

  • You’re having trouble getting or staying pregnant - your hormone balance is key for healthy conception and pregnancy.

  • Your skin is breaking out in acne, particularly around your jawline and chin – you might also have excessively oily skin and hair.

  • You get fatigued easily and experience drops in energy throughout the day - you might find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.