Eve Stress Test

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Don't forget these...

Any of the below sound familiar? Then The Eve Stress Test is for you:

  • You experience feelings of overwhelm and anxiety - your mind races and often feel as though you can’t cope much longer.

  • You experience insomnia and find it difficult to quieten your mind and relax - you might also wake frequently throughout the night or experience out-of-character moods.

  • You get fatigued easily and experience drops in energy throughout the day - you might find it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

  • You have noticed weight gain, particularly around your midsection, that is not related to changes in food or exercise.

  • You’re experiencing issues with your menstrual cycle - perhaps you're not getting your period, or you have painful or heavy periods, PMS symptoms, or maybe you’re suffering from menstrual migraines.