Elevit DHA Capsules 60s

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Elevit DHA offers a scientific formula with algae sourced omega-3 to support baby’s brain and eye development during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Why choose Elevit DHA?

  • Elevit DHA is from the makers of Elevit, New Zealand’s No.1 pregnancy multivitamin* and experts in pregnancy nutrition
  • It contains 200mg of algae-sourced DHA to help meet the needs of pregnant and lactating women
  • It is intended to be taken in addition to Elevit with Iodine pregnancy multivitamin; however, as Elevit Breastfeeding also contains 200mg DHA the two products do not need to be taken together
  • It can be added to the diet based on individual needs
  • It’s a fish free, sustainable source of DHA omega-3