Duofilm Topical Solution 15ml

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Duofilm is a topical treatment for warts, as well as verrucas, corns and calluses. This solution is a topical salicylate and works by causing the skin to swell, soften, and then slough or peel in areas where it is applied.

The usual treatment time is 6-12 weeks and the successful use of Duofilm can be achieved by following these instructions:

  1. Remove any plaster and soak the warts in hot water for five minutes. Dry with your own towel.
  2. Rub the surface of the warts carefully with a pumice stone or emery board.
  3. Apply Duofilm to the warts, using the brush applicator supplied. Use only enough Duofilm to cover the warts and avoid applying to the surrounding normal skin.
  4. Allow Duofilm to dry an cover with plaster if wart is large or on the foot.
  5. Continue treatment with Duofilm once daily until the wart is completely cleared and the ridge lines of the skin have been restored.
  6. Duofilm should not be used on the face or anogenital regions. If in any doubt, consult your doctor.

Remember that warts are infectious. To prevent the infection spreading to others always keep to your own towel. Do not walk around barefoot if warts are on the soles of the feet.



  • For external use only.
  • Do not use on face or anogenital regions.
  • Do not use if you are a diabetic or have impaired circulation.
  • Do not use on moles, birthmarks or unusual skin growths. Where there is some doubt or confusion please consult your physician.
  • Do not treat warts over large areas at one time.
  • Do not use on infants and very young children unless on medical advice.