Aussie Bodies Collagen Protein Powder Vanilla 455g

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Add 35g (2 scoops) with 200ml of water and mix well.



Aussie Bodies Shine Collagen provides is a premium blend of collagen and whey protein, and pre-biotic fibre, to support both nutrition and also skin, nail and hair health. 

Shine Collagen is the perfect inclusion to daily nutrition, supporting weight management by upping protein content making the body feel fuller for longer, whilst also providing collagen to assist hair, skin, nail and joint health. 

Aussie Bodies Shine Collagen helps the body shine from the inside out.

Each serve (35g) contains, 

Energy  89Cal 
Protein  15g 
 - Collagen peptides 7.5g 
Fat  0.6g 
 - Saturated 0.3g 
Carbohydrates  2.2g 
- Sugars 0.9g 
Dietary fibre  7.0g




  • Provides 7.5g of collagen per serve
  • Great tasting whey protein base
  • Supports weight management through high protein levels
  • Low carb and low fat, can be used for keto lifestyle